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2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide - YaYa & Co.

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Most of us fall back on the classics when it comes time to buy Mother’s Day gifts: flowers, mugs and a card. But if you’re missing your mom now more than ever (apparently absence and a worldwide pandemic make the heart grow fonder), ydig a little deeper and get her something that she'll love to look at now that we've been stuck at home for a year. We created this helpful list of Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of mom, especially keeping in mind the amount of time we have been spending at home. We’ve even picked something for the cat or dog mom. For the whole list of our Mothers Day Collection, click here

First, we're starting with the easy, no-brainer gift, which is a set of three aromatherapy sachets that come in different organic and natural scents like lavender, sandalwood vanilla and even some that smell like fresh laundry. They can fit in a drawer, closet, pillow, purse or practically anywhere and can remind your mother of you with every whiff.







If you've got a mom that always shines in the kitchen, try gifting her a Fayre Olive Wood Board. They're made of 100% organically-grown olive wood. The beauty of the olive wood grain is is shown in these unique, hand-carved planks. They can be used everyday for chopping, slicing and dicing, or they can just be used for serving charcuterie or displaying as decor. Comes in size small, medium, and large.  


 For the pet mom, try a Tucker Pet Bed or for the boho pet mom, we even have Macrame Hanging Pet Beds. The Ginny hanging pet bed is perfect for a modern-boho statement piece in any room and perfect for your pet of course. Easy to hang up on the wall, ceiling or firm shelf. It's made of eco-friendly materials including organic cotton yarns, cotton shell for the bed and an organic buckwheat fill in the bed. Buckwheat pet beds are great for a pet mom's furry companion because they lack the chemicals that synthetic beds contain. These chemicals could harm your pet’s health over the long run. We've included a long 14" tassel and 8 smaller tassels at the bottom of the bed for playtime or just a cute, boho touch.


For the hardworking mom (aren't they all?), we think the greatest gift would be the gift of good night's rest. And we all know choosing organic, recycled materials and saving them from landfills helps us sleep at night. That's why we suggest the Terra Recycled Cotton 600 TC Bedding SetWe've worked with our artisans to take the millions of tons of textile waste from landfills to transform them into usable fabric. The textiles are sustainably-stripped of colors, dyes and chemicals and made into threads to create this soft, percale bedding. Using recycled cotton saves 20,000 liters of water per kilogram of cotton, a water-intensive crop. I certainly sleep better at night knowing my bedding isn't sitting in a landfill.


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