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We travel the world to share the most amazing bedding and home goods made by incredible and deserving artisans. All our sustainably-sourced products are organic and all-natural, Fair Trade & GOTS certified, and our makers are paid ethical living wages. We built a school for women outside Punjab, India. Now, we are planting trees for every order.

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Organic & 100% Natural

All of our products are always all-natural. Whether it be cotton, linen, or wool - you can expect a gorgeous material that is sourced and and crafted to a higher standard. 

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The Story of YaYa & Co. is about Love

YaYa & Co.'s mission is to bring high-quality items directly from artisans and small local makers from around the world to people's homes - where they can be cherished for generations. Each item purchased helps the international communities of our deserving artisans and makers.

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When we travel to a new region we search for the most incredible pieces created by talented and deserving artisans. We pay them fairly and ethically, invest in their communities, and make sure all products are fairtrade and GOTS certified.

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Every product is backed by a risk-free 30-day trial guarantee. If after 30 days you don't absolutely love your item, send it back for a full refund. Click below to read our full satisfaction guarantee policy.

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beauty hidden in plain sight


Guimaraes is a charming and historic city regarded as the birthplace of Portugal. Its extensive history is reflected in the variety of national monuments and historic buildings found within the city within the compact city center are narrow cobbled streets, fine examples of medieval architecture, and delightful plazas filled with open air cafes. Our partner manufacturer in Portugal is in the heart of the textile industry and started their business adventure in 1975. Today, they are a very important figure in the world textile arena. As a family owned operation, they produce high quality home goods that are innovative, flexible, and best of all, sustainable. We also could not help but notice the kindness the owners have towards their employees.

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Best Flax Linen in the World


Belgium is well-known for it’s flax fiber, one of the oldest and strongest fibers in the world. It is grown in the coastal areas of France, south Normandy and north of Belgium. It requires a combination of a damp ocean climate, unique to these areas only. Belgian makers produce the highest quality flax linen found anywhere on earth.

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Investing in community


Traveling to India was akin to a dream.  It is the place where we became the voice of the voiceless. Together with Simran Kaur, we created a school where we teach women varying in age the technical skills to design and create gorgeous textiles and then provide them with jobs so they can have an opportunity for a better life.The art of dyeing fabric is a historic practice in India that has been passed down from generation to generation. During our travels we saw rich collections of textiles from all different regions and diverse communities. These designs were developed from dyed textiles dating as far back as 5,000 years ago. Cotton is woven all over India, and each region has its own distinctive character ranging from materials, designs, colors, and more. India’s artisans take raw wool and make the most refined scarves and shawls you can imagine.

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a rich history


A very small Baltic country with a rich history, Lithuania is as it seems in the children’s books. Our journey to Lithuania showed us a country full of rich history, mythology, and fairy tales recorded in woven flax. We followed the old “flax path” trying to rediscover plantations and factories that may have survived the changes brought on by war, occupation, or EU rules. To our surprise, we stumbled upon several that are still creating beautiful, high-quality artisanal products.  We will continue to work with these small factories to bring more “Made in Lithuania” products to YaYa & Co.

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design and quality


Known for its rugs and textiles, Turkey has kept the world captive with its marvelous designs and high-quality products. During our trips through the markets and various towns, we have created a collection of vintage pillows made of recycled rugs. It is a unique way to conserve some of the history of these beautiful handmade art pieces. In addition, we have brought cotton and hand embroidered pillows made by Turkish and Syrian women working to make a better life for themselves and their families.

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The Gem of Northern Africa


Morocco is a North African country with beautiful scenery, fascinating history and lots of culture, including delicious cuisine. This expansive country is a spectacular, disorienting mix of old world and new age culture. It’s the sort of place you visit and come home with some truly exceptional home goods. Traveling through Morocco is truly a journey and one of our favorite things to do. We head into the Atlas Mountains to look for real vintage rugs in villages and local markets, seeking out centuries old traditional truly artisanal pieces, made by hand with the highest of quality.

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YaYa & Co.

Many Stories, One Mission

YaYa & Co. was born to bring you beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that preserve the integrity of those who create them. Each piece represents a life story: sometimes a person, sometimes a family, often a tradition that is as much a part of the creator as the hands that make it. All of our goods bring love and light to both to their consumer and their creator. Each piece is a continuation of a tradition fighting for survival. It is pure passion. It is YaYa.

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