Fall Favorites 2022 - YaYa & Co.

Fall Favorites 2022

Even though Summer is still in full swing, Autumn will be here before we know it! If you’re ready to start shopping for fall home decor, this is a...

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Our Organic Cotton Bedding - YaYa & Co.

Our Organic Cotton Bedding

There are few things in life better than sliding into a comfortable bed dressed with freshly laundered, soft and organic cotton bedding.⁣⁣⁣Good qua...

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2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide - YaYa & Co.

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Most of us fall back on the classics when it comes time to buy Mother’s Day gifts: flowers, mugs and a card. But if you’re missing your mom now mor...

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Organic Cotton - The Basics - YaYa & Co.

Organic Cotton - The Basics

Organic Cotton Natural cotton is developed utilizing strategies and materials that have the most minimal affect on the climate. Natural growing ren...

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