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OUR STORYOur objective is to bring you high-quality, natural and organic pieces. Our products not only tell a story of their own, but help preserve millennia-old culture and the earth, by being sustainably made and ethically sourced. All materials we use are 100% natural and all of our artisans and makers are paid ethically to help support sustainable practices for both the earth and for people.



We promise to be truly sustainable, recycled, or upcycled - using only 100% natural materials.


We promise to be ethical and pay discovered makers more than fairly.


We promise to create institutions that lift people up.


We promise to be more than globally inspired. We’re people inspired.


We promise to teach our partners how to create and embrace safe working environments.


We promise to bring you items that will be within your family for generations to come.


All of our goods bring love and light to both to their consumer and their creator. Each piece is a continuation of a tradition fighting for survival. It is pure passion.Our team sources all our pieces from local artisans working in private shops or small family owned factories in different countries and remote towns and communities all around the world.To be YaYa is to be at peace within ourselves and within all that surrounds us. It transcends the academic and challenges the philosophical. It's doing the right thing simply because it's right. A YaYa home brings renewal to exhaustion, relief to tension and compassion to judgment. We can exhale, because we are home.Sustainability to YaYa is not only creating products that improves our environment but hand-picking pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation; grandparents to parents, parents to children and so on.True quality that bridges the gap between everyday home goods and heirlooms.


In Punjab, India, women face extremely difficult times. Often times women are looked upon as second class citizens, receiving little to no education and having very few opportunities to grow as their own people. Because this is a community that has given us the opportunity to create some of our favorite items, we’ve invested in the community and built a center for women.Our institute in Punjab teaches trades to these less fortunate women so they can learn and practice skills that will make them self sufficient and independent, productive members of the community. We go beyond our center and offer them real life employment upon completing their training. To enrich this population to become skillful and self-sufficient we are enabling a better quality of life for many people and families.Our next project is a similar one which we are starting in Divisa Nova, MG, Brazil.  

""We've truly built a safe place where the girls can be themselves, learn a trade and regain hope for their future. - Candida, Founder


We do more than trace our supply chain, we create one. We do more than require safe working conditions, we teach them how to embrace it. We do more than contract fair trade factories, we open them and employ them. We do more than find fair trade products, we discover them. And we do more than hope for a better future, we make one.We do these things, because to be YaYa means creating quality in the details that no one even sees. We hope our diligence helps brings happiness, beauty, and richness to your home the YaYa way.