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Our Story

About YaYa & Co. 


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A message from the Founder

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About first Journey/Project and School in India

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Second project journey and planting in the Amazon

A message from the Founder

Our Story

Be YaYa

The story of YaYa & Co. is really about


YaYa & Co. was born to bring you beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that preserve the integrity of those who create them. Each piece represents a life story: sometimes a person, sometimes a family, often a tradition that is as much a part of the creator as the hands that make it. All of our goods bring love and light to both to their consumer and their creator. Each piece is a continuation of a tradition fighting for survival. It is pure passion. It is YaYa.

To be YaYa is to be at peace within ourselves and within all that surrounds us. It transcends the academic and challenges the philosophical. It's doing the right thing simply because it's right. A YaYa home brings renewal to exhaustion, relief to tension, and compassion to judgment. We can exhale, because we are home.

For YaYa to truly flourish, it must be passed on, so our products are of the quality that encourages you to pass them on to your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

We've built a center for women in Panjab, India, where we’re teaching a trade to less fortunate women who’ve been through extremely difficult times. We are giving them classes and once trained, we give them employment, so they can better provide for themselves and their families. 

These women are our strength. Learn more about our school.



We do more than trace our supply chain, we create one. We do more than require safe working conditions, we teach them how to embrace it. We do more than contract fair trade factories, we open them. We employ them. We do more than find fair trade products, we discover them. And we do more than hope for a better future, we make one.

We do these things, because to be YaYa means creating quality in the details that no one even sees. We hope our diligence helps brings happiness, beauty, and a richness to your home the YaYa way.


The YaYa Promises

We promise to be truly sustainable, recycled, or upcycled.

We promise to pay discovered makers fairly.

We promise to create institutions that lift people up.

We promise to be more than globally inspired. We’re people inspired.

We promise to teach our partners how to create and embrace safe working environments.

We promise to bring you items that will be within your family for generations to come.