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Anniversary Gifts - YaYa & Co.

Anniversary Gifts


The tradition of exchanging unique gifts composed of various materials each year for spouses is a well-known and cherished practice. There's a profound and timeless sentiment in honoring history and tradition, particularly in today's fast-paced world where trends come and go swiftly.

The second anniversary gift is cotton. Following tradition, cotton has been the customary choice for second-anniversary gifts, symbolizing the interweaving of two individuals. The threads of cotton elegantly represent the unity and bond shared by a couple, as they intertwine their lives into a cohesive tapestry of love and companionship.

Organic Cotton for the Home

Halo Organic Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket

Naya Organic Cotton Bedding Set 600TC

Claire Organic Cotton Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Brooklyn Organic Cotton Knit Throw


Mark your seventh anniversary with the beloved tradition of presenting gifts made of wool or copper. Wool signifies the warmth and coziness your partner has brought into your life. Choose from a variety of options such as wool blankets, finely crafted clothing, or artisanal wool accessories that exude sophistication. Alternatively, copper, a metal with timeless appeal, adds a hint of grandeur to the celebration.


Lolly Organic Wool Abstract Throw Pillow

Aurora Organic Wool Throw Pillow

Gal Organic Brushed Wool Throw Blanket 

Echo Organic Wool Abstract Handmade Colorful Tufted Rug 


Make the twelfth anniversary special with the luxury that silk and linen add to your life. Here is a curated list of our finest linen products to treat that special someone!


Sofia Reversible Organic Belgian Flax Duvet Cover Set 

Tinsley Organic Linen Throw Blanket

 Tinsley Organic Linen Throw Pillow

Victoria Organic Belgian Flax Linen Pillowcase Set With Ruffle



Present your spouse with a set of luxurious linens for your 28th anniversary, symbolizing the comfort and warmth of their enduring bond. Each thread woven into the fabric whispered tales of their journey together, from the delicate beginnings to the strong and enduring union they had become. With each embrace, they found solace in the soft embrace of the linens, reminding them of the gentle strength found in their love.


GiGi Organic Linen Napkin set

Juliette Organic Linen Table Cloth

Lucie Organic Linen Table Cloth




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