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Organic Alpaca Duvet Insert with Organic Cotton Cover - YaYa & Co.

Organic Alpaca Duvet Insert with Organic Cotton Cover

No fiber better moderates your temperature than alpaca. By enclosing the alpaca fiber in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton percale, we’ve created one of the most breathable and functional duvet inserts in the world. What’s more, the insert won’t shift or bunch up on you. And in using organic, natural, and renewable materials, our Alpaca Duvet Insert marries sustainability with luxury, made with your health — and the planet’s — at the forefront of its design. The result is an incredible duvet insert made with sustainability at its forefront.

Living in the harsh, wind-swept Andes at elevations above 12,000 feet, alpaca 

developed a highly sophisticated wool. It’s a natural wonder, prized for its gentle texture and unparalleled performance. It has the delicate feel of cashmere and the functionality of sheep’s wool. It's lightweight, temperature and moisture regulating, flame-resistant, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. Once reserved for Incan royalty, alpaca wool is now one of the most sought-after fibers in the world.

We craft our Alpaca Duvet Insert with best practices for safe, sustainable, and renewable textile manufacturing, in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard — the gold standard in environmental and social responsibility. The cotton percale encasing the natural alpaca fibers is 100% GOTS organic certified. Organic certified cotton is more breathable than synthetic alternatives. The uniqueness of how Cambric cotton is weaved is what makes this duvet so soft to the touch. These fabrics are raw, meaning they are neither bleached nor dyed. Its tight weaving technique is the reason as to why this fabric has a smooth appearance. This shell goes through a process known as ‘calendering’. Calendering involves smoothing and compressing the materials through calender rollers at high temperatures and pressures which then tightens and gives the fabric a firm and lustrous finish. This manufacturing process helps the fabrics longevity.

Our duvet insert is not just high-functioning, it’s also better for you, our farmers, and the planet, too. Not only is the duvet sustainable, it is packaged sustainably. In consideration with our exceptional unboxing experience, we wanted to provide a wonderful experience when receiving the duvet insert. All duvet inserts are packed in a cotton reusable tote bag, perfect for storing/moving the duvet or for a trip to the grocery or thrift store.

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