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YaYa & Co. Holiday 2021 Gift Guide - YaYa & Co.

YaYa & Co. Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

For the Grower  (For Her) 


ChaCha Handmade Organic Cotton Throw Pillow:  

Much like your sweetheart, the ChaCha pillow is vibrant and eye-catching throughout all seasons. This floral pillow is hand embroidered with recycled threads. The Chacha pillow is the perfect gift for your very own flower!




 Hallen Organic Cotton Throw Blanket: 

Get wrapped up together this holiday season with our Hallen Throw Blanket! The Hallen Organic Cotton Throw Blanket comes in 13 different colors, so you can choose her favorite color and/or the perfect color for your space. This sustainably-sourced cotton blanket is perfect for getting snuggled up. ⁣




For the Planter (For Him) 

Brooklyn Organic Cotton Throw Blanket:

Want to add a touch of uniqueness to his room? Our Brooklyn Organic Cotton Throw Blanket is the perfect gift! This masculine knitted throw with a special, organic wash and dimensional pattern comes in two different, naturally-dyed colors. 




Ashland Leather Duffel: 

We have the perfect gift for a beau on the move. This duffel is multifunctional, it contains pockets with both snap and buckle closures to keep items secured. There is even a padded pocket for a laptop and or tablet. Our Ashland Leather Duffel will become his best friend一whether he is busy on the road or on his way to a business meeting.


For the Seed (For Babies) 

Kids & Baby Blankets:

Growth is the most beautiful process, witnessing the blossom of a seed to healthy sprout is incomparable! This holiday season, cherish the moment you are given with your little one. Keep them snuggled up for as long as you can with one of our very own Organic Cotton Kids and Babies Throw Blankets. This throw is perfect for swaddling and or just keeping your little one bundled and warm. 


Baby Stuffed Floor Pillows:

We have handcrafted a selection of handmade, sustainably-sourced stuffed animals for your pickings this holiday season. Surprise your little loved one with cute sea creatures- ranging from a whale, penguin, octopus or crab or handmade stars, moons and hearts. YaYa & Co wants to give your little one a glimpse into how important it is to keep the earth healthy! 



For the Sapling (Teens) 

(Girl) Echo Organic Cotton Throw Pillow:

The Echo Abstract throw is the perfect pillow to add color to any room. This abstract design has a tufted texture and rich wave-like finishes. This handmade pillow is made from 100% organic cotton and is soft to the touch. Much like our young ones, this design is full of life! ⁣



(Boy) Tsuki Organic Cotton Throw Pillow:

This selection is inspired by one of the leading artists of our history, Van Gogh! This pillow is handmade out of 100% cotton threads with layered textures. The Tsuki Pillow is perfect for a minimalist living area that needs an artistic splash of color and character! ⁣



For those who are in Full Bloom (For Them/Grandparents/Parents) 

Fayre Olive Wood Serving Board (Mom):

This holiday surround yourself with loved ones around the table to feast. We have the perfect serving board for your charcuterie needs. The Fayre Olive Wood serving board is 100% organic and hand carved and comes in small, medium, and large. This carved plank is the perfect addition to your kitchen decor! ⁣


Harriet Canvas Bag and BackPack (Dad):

Need a place to store away your computer or tablet on the move? We have the perfect gift! The Harriet Canvas Bag and Backpack safely stores your computer/tablet away. It is made out of recycled canvas and has Italian leather trimmings along with brass fittings. This bag has the functionality and handles to be held by hand or as a backpack!⁣


For the Earth Residents (Pets) 

Hanging Beds (Cats):

If it is one thing our furry feline friends love is an adventure. This macrame bed is made out of 100% organic cotton bed shell and is filled with buckwheat and cedar. This bed is hypoallergenic and perfect for those who are allergy prone. Our macrame hanging beds can be a perfect place for them to nap away or play! 




Organic Cotton Bed (Dog):

Is your a good boy or good girl in need of a place to rest their paws? Our Organic Cotton Dog Bed option gives you the ability to select your choice of fill from recycled polyester, buckwheat & cedar, pine & cedar or down feather fill. This holiday gift your perfect pooch a place to snuggle up in style without clashing with your already beautiful decor!



For all Beings' Stockings


Organic Sachets - Set of Three:

Our organic sachets come in various scents from citrus, musk, lavender and fresh laundry. Give your loved ones' drawers some love with this set of three handmade aromatherapy sachets. They can tuck them in their pillowcases, drawers, living spaces or even the corners of their closet to ward off odors, bugs and stress.⁣



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