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The Amazon Rainforest - YaYa & Co.

The Amazon Rainforest

When the Amazon suffers, human suffering isn't far behind. With deforestation, we are compromising our climate and moisture cycles in alarming ways. (Paul Rosolie, American conservationist and author)

Progress is a very important part of our lives and more so, is our need to conserve and protect our forests and ecosystems. In order to keep a healthy water cycle that will provide enough rain for our ecosystem, we must stop the deforestation of the Amazon and all forests.

The Amazon rainforest provides the planet with an irreplaceable ecosystem. It also influences rainfall as far away as the Western United States and Central America. The rapid rate of deforestation occurring in the Amazon could release billions of metric tons of carbon that are currently being contained within the rainforest by the lush vegetation.

This month, we are traveling through the Amazon to discover the beautiful art handmade by indigenous artisans. The Amazon is home to an estimated 400-500 different groups of indigenous people and approximately 50 of these tribes have never had contact with the outside world, using only their own resources to survive. These products are unique and none are the same, but these people spend their lives creating and mastering the art of creation. Supporting YaYa & Co. supports the preservation of the history of each tribe. Within each piece, the stories, energy and hope of each individual artisan will be transferred to your home.

We at YaYa & Co. recognize the need to help maintain this irreplaceable source of moisture, resources and oxygen. With every purchase made through YaYa & Co., a tree is planted on your behalf in the Brazilian Amazon. This will help conserve habitat for the organisms living in the protected areas, while providing sustainable livelihoods to local people, and the rest of the planet.

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