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Organic Alpaca Duvet Insert with Organic Cotton Cover

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1 Organic Cotton Duvet Insert filled with Responsibly-Sourced Alpaca + YaYa & Co. Exclusive Large Linen Storage Tote
  • Twin - 68" x 86"
  • Queen - 88" x 92"
  • King - 92" x 108"
100% Organic Cambric Cotton Shell imported from Germany
2,800 GSM 100% Organic Baby Alpaca from Peru
OEKO-TEX® | Fair Trade USA | GOTS
Key Features
  • Breathable, Natural Fiber
  • Non-Allergenic, Anti-fungal
  • 730 TC Cotton Shell
  • All-Season
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Made in Peru
  • Interior ties on all four corners + two ties on each side
  • Protect your insert with our Organic Linen Duvet Cover or our Organic Cotton Duvet Cover.
  • Spot clean only. Occasionally place your Alpaca Duvet Insert outside in fresh air and direct sun to restore freshness. Frequent fluffing will retain loft.

Organic Cambric Cotton Shell ⁣

The uniqueness of how Cambric cotton is woven is what makes this duvet so soft to the touch. These fabrics are raw, meaning they are neither bleached nor dyed. Its tight weaving technique is the reason as to why this fabric has a smooth appearance. This shell goes through a process known as ‘calendering’. Calendering involves smoothing and compressing the materials through calender rollers at high temperatures and pressures which then tightens and gives the fabric a firm and lustrous finish. This manufacturing process helps the fabrics longevity and keeps the fibers of the alpaca inside the duvet. 

Organic Baby Alpaca Fill⁣

YaYa & Co. has been grateful to work with and be educated on such fabrics like those of alpaca, brought to you from Peru's very own region of Arequipa. Alpacas originate in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. They are known to be able to withstand extreme temperatures both warm and cold. This is due to the nature of their fleece which is known to be highly-insulating, making it easy for the Alpaca to combat drastic temperature changes. ⁣

Alpaca fiber is one of the most esteemed animal fibers in the world, highly regarded for its single coat. Alpaca’s single coat allows for the fiber to lack an itch factor much like wool fabric. ⁣

This duvet insert is handmade by artisans and contains 100% alpaca with no additive chemicals such as fillers, synthetic materials or dyes. Not only is this fill luxurious but it also is sustainable. We found that it is more eco-friendly to produce alpaca products than to those of cashmere, mohair or sheep's fur. This fabric is extremely fine yet breathable, allowing for a more temperature regulated sleep. This fill will adjust with your body temperature. This fill is also hypoallergenic allowing it to be allergy friendly, meaning no stuffy nose in the morning. ⁣

We craft our Alpaca Duvet Insert with best practices for safe, sustainable and renewable textile manufacturing, in compliance with the Global Organic Textile Standard — the gold standard in environmental and social responsibility. The cotton percale encasing the natural alpaca fibers is 100% GOTS organic certified. Organic certified cotton is more breathable than synthetic alternatives. Our duvet insert is not just high-functioning, it’s also better for you, our farmers and the planet, too. That’s because conventional cotton is a polluted crop grown with toxins. Our cotton is ethically grown in India without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Leah Shirley (Portland, US)
love it!!

Even the lightest down blankets cause me to sweat. This blanket does not. My partner finds its a bit warm and a little too heavy to kick off himself during the night. I love the weight of it, it's perfect in my opinion.

Roy Ferraiuolo (Cullman, US)
Super comfortable and warm

I bought this for my husband because he is always too cold to sleep. My husband’s exact words were, “I feel like a baby alpaca and a momma alpaca is sleeping on top of me. I am super warm at night and I love it”.

Rachel M. (Sugar Land, US)
love it

This keeps us warm on cold nights in Houston, Texas, but on warm nights I do kick it off. The duvet is really nice and feels luxurious. Almost a disappointment to have to cover it up with a duvet cover! It has a nice weight to it for winter and even a fluffy feel inside the cover. The packaging was beautiful (lavender was a nice touch). Really glad we purchased an alpaca duvet from here.

ae (Austin, US)
Nice blanket

It’s very warm, has a nice weight. The blanket is noisier than I would expect, the outer layer has kind of a “swoosh” sound to it. It kind of annoyed me but didn’t bother my partner at all. So if that’s not your thing, it’s good to know. Otherwise I love all the non toxic eco safe products it’s made from. Thanks!

Valerie l (Florence, IT)
Queen size duvet

I did a lot of research before purchasing this product and it paid off, - I am delighted with it. It is rare that purchasing from a formally unknown brand results in such a resounding success. The Duvet is everything it was advertised to be and arrived when promised. Thank you, if I could have fitted two in my luggage I would have. Kind regards Valerie

Jane R (Doylestown, US)
Love it!

This is absolutely the one to get. It’s light but still have some weight( I love it Cz it calms me down) the warmth is here but not the sweating! And just what you need. The only thing is it makes a bit of a “little wrinkling noise”when you put it inside the cover duvet however for some reason you do not hear it when sleeping….it does not bother you. I was worry at start but you feel the natural organic vibe….so wonderful… I plan to replace all my bed with them. Also you can easily select the lightest one for all year around…it’s warm!